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What’s Really Going on With Your Thyroid?

For many people, the process of finding effective help for a thyroid problem can be an endless cycle of wonder. Wonder why you don’t feel good. Wonder why your TSH labs come back normal, despite your constant suffering. Wonder why no doctor can provide you with answers.

In Dr. Qadir’s office, we understand that this type of struggle can interfere with your life and become a major source of stress. It’s for this reason that we prioritize in-depth care that makes your concerns our concerns. Whether you’ve been suffering for months or years, we want to uncover what’s really going on with your thyroid so you can begin moving in the direction of better health.

Our approach is simple: listen to our patients and provide them with the care that we’d want to receive ourselves. When you come to us for help, we will focus on answering your questions and empowering you to take better care of your health.

An Integrative Approach to Thyroid Care

Dr. Qadir has extensive training in both functional and conventional medicine, which means she is not limited with the care she can offer her patients. Her priority is to uncover the underlying causes of each patient’s health issues so they can work on improving and maintaining their own health.

Dr. Qadir uses her past training and ongoing education to identify and address dysfunctions, deficiencies, conditions, and diseases that can’t be resolved with traditional solutions. She also utilizes extensive testing that looks at the whole body and the systems that keep it running. Her dedication to her patients doesn’t end after their appointments are over; she is always looking for ways to resolve their health issues.

Improving Your Outlook on the Future

In our office, we never want you to leave your appointment feeling like you’ve wasted another day looking for answers about your health. Instead, we want you to leave excited about the future and the fact that your health issues no longer have to be a mystery. To accomplish this, we offer longer appointment times that facilitate better quality care.

These extended appointments provide Dr. Qadir with ample time to get to know you, your health, and your concerns. In turn, this allows her to create a more effective wellness plan that will be targeted to your health specifically. With care like this, you’ll finally be able to make sense of your symptoms and look forward to the future.

Identifying the Root Cause of Your Symptoms

Dr. Qadir has personal experience with thyroid disease, so she understands how each and every symptom you’re dealing with can interfere with your quality of life. It’s for this reason that she offers extensive testing that allows her to assess your current state of health. The tests given differ for each person, as no two situations (even for those experiencing the same symptoms) are ever the exact same.

From the function of the liver to the condition of the immune system, Dr. Qadir looks at every system in the body that could be contributing to your symptoms and a dysfunctional thyroid. This goes far beyond the typical TSH testing that most people are used to. This is important because all of the systems in the body work together, and the thyroid plays a major role in each one of them working properly. If the thyroid doesn’t work, nothing works.

With the results from the labs that are provided, it will be clear which underlying issues are contributing to your symptoms. For most patients, this is when they experience a sense of clarity, as their suspicions are finally validated. It’s also at this point when it becomes clear how crucial an integrative approach is, as conventional medicine has failed to help them in the past.

Shifting the Focus Away From Your Thyroid

The majority of patients who come to Dr. Qadir are under the assumption that their thyroid is the problem. While this may be true for some, it’s generally not the case for everyone. In most situations, the thyroid is not the issue at hand. Instead, it’s other health issues that are actually interfering with the thyroid’s ability to function properly. For this reason, we don’t focus only on your thyroid. We look at your entire body to see which systems are calling out for help.

Meet Dr. Riffat Qadir

Dr. Riffat Qadir is a medical doctor and certified functional wellness practitioner. Her focus on helping thyroid patients began after she learned she was suffering from thyroid disease herself. After learning more about the body and the role the thyroid plays in it, she knew she wanted to help patients in a more in-depth manner. To do so, she adopted an integrative approach that has allowed her to find effective solutions for men and women who are tired of suffering. Today, she runs a successful practice helping individuals who are suffering from varying degrees of thyroid problems.

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