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Every doctor has a story and Dr. Qadir’s is quite unique. We invite you to learn more about her journey in the medical field and with her own personal health.

Dr. Riffat Qadir, M.D., has an impressive educational background that has provided her with in-depth knowledge in this field. Her story began when she attended the University of Louisville, where she earned her MD degree. It continued with an insightful internship in pediatrics at Cincinnati Children's Hospital. With a hunger to learn more, Dr. Qadir extended her education with training in the ENT program at John Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore. During each of these stepping stones in her education, Dr. Qadir was introduced to new ways to care for patients of all ages.

Her internship at Cincinnati Children's Hospital was especially insightful, as it offered her a look at caring for patients in a broader manner. Rather than focusing on just one part of the patient, she was able to see them as a whole as they went through different stages of life. This laid the foundation for the ENT training she received at John Hopkins, which offered an incredible education thanks to the resident teachers who were the leading authorities on their given subjects. The combination of experience and education that Dr. Qadir received gave her the opportunity to begin a successful practice where changing lives became a daily occurrence.

However, once Dr. Qadir began practicing, she found that she was limited with the way that she could serve her patients. While she was able to successfully help some, others would have to come back for help time and time again. Recalling her childhood passion for making a difference in lives, she decided something was missing with the method of care she was providing. This pushed her in the direction of functional medicine, which she continued to learn more about as she went through her own journey of thyroid disease.

Personal Struggle with Thyroid Disease

Dr. Qadir, while able to complete rigorous medical school and training programs, struggled with regular fatigue. Even just getting through typical rounds at the hospital was difficult, which meant she had to put more effort into achieving each of her accomplishments. She also found it difficult to maintain a comfortable body temperature, as she was always cold and needed a sweater even when it was warm outside. Knowing that she had an enlarged thyroid, she received testing to learn more about the role it was playing in her symptoms. However, her doctors simply told her she was borderline and that they would “keep an eye on it”.

A stroke of luck came when a mentor mentioned to Dr.Qadir that her enlarged thyroid was a sign of a problem. They referred her to a physician who offered a more in-depth assessment of the thyroid than traditional doctors. This physician discovered she was suffering from an autoimmune thyroid disease and immediately started her on a treatment program. However, this treatment didn’t resolve all of her symptoms.

Dr.Qadir had to do extensive research on the thyroid in order to learn more about the role it played in the body and her health in particular. As she learned more, she became fascinated with the functional medicine approach and how it could better serve patients who weren’t seeing results with conventional medicine. For this reason, she became certified in functional medicine and made it a priority to continue learning everything this form of care had to offer.

With a much deeper understanding of the complexities of the thyroid and how it impacts every system in the body, Dr. Qadir came to the realization that one approach just isn’t enough. It’s for this reason that she combines both functional medicine and conventional medicine to help her patients. In her own words, "I'm blessed, as I'm living my purpose in life, which is to improve my patients’ quality of life".

A Career Dedicated to Helping People

If you’d ask Dr. Qadir what the best part of her job is, she’d likely tell you it’s the fact that she gives her patients a chance to be heard. As a thyroid disease sufferer herself, she personally understands the struggle of chronic fatigue and having to use every ounce of willpower just to get through the day. With this insight, she makes it a priority to provide each patient with the most comprehensive service possible. This has allowed her to achieve the goal she set as just a little girl, which was to help and serve people so they could live better lives.

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